Over 50's Life Insurance


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What is Over 50's Life Insurance?

Over 50's Life Insurance is the over 50s Life Cover plan from Low Cost Life Cover. It provides you with up to €25,000 of life insurance in old age to organise a nest egg for your family, or to pay any outstanding bills you might have after you die.

For a fixed monthly payment, from €15 a month, you can get your plan started right now with our online application.

Switching is Easy

You can switch providers without incurring any costs. As independent brokers we will research the market place to bring you the best cover (for you) at the best available price. At Low Cost Life Cover & AC Financial Services our key focus is our customers. We are committed to providing you with a quality service at all times

At a Glance:

  • Guaranteed acceptance: All you need is to be aged over 50 and under 80.
  • No Medicals: We don't ask you to take a medical or answer any health questions.
  • Guaranteed lump sum: You choose the amount you want to be covered for upfront and that's it, done.
  • Quick and easy life insurance: Just choose your cover, fill in your details online and your plan starts - easy.
  • Guaranteed monthly payment: Your monthly payment will never increase.
  • Free cover after 90: We will not collect any monthly payments after you turn 90 but your cover will remain in place.
  • Claims: Our claims process is simple and efficient with most payments taking under 3 weeks.
  • NurseAssist 24/7: Free confidential service, where you can call a team of trained nurses to help you with your health questions at all times.

If Unsure

Why not take advantage of our Protection Review, this review will give you a professional assessment on how well your existing arrangements meet your needs and may even save you money

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Over 50's Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Provides for your loved ones
in the event of your death.

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