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Low Cost Life Cover.ie is one of Ireland’s leading independent brokers for life insurance, offering affordable mortgage protection, life insurance and critical/serious illness cover at competitive prices. Our qualified financial advisors offer quality expertise and customer service to ensure you get the best cover possible for you or your family.

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Life Insurance

Provides for your loved ones in the event of your death.

Mortgage Protection

Pays off your mortgage if you pass away during it’s term.

Illness Cover

Gives you a lump sum if you get a specified serious illness.

Income Protection

Pays you an income when you can’t work.

Great Value Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection and Illness Cover at affordable prices

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Why Buying Life Insurance From A Bank Is A Bad Idea!

Why Buying Life Insurance From A Bank Is A Bad Idea!

It's often tempting to view bankers negatively, especially when recalling the financial collapse during The Boom in 2008. Back then, with massive loans and inflated prices, the situation was nothing short of a disaster. While the perception of banks has somewhat...

Cancer and Mortgage Protection

Cancer and Mortgage Protection

From the 6th of December 2023 the new Insurance Ireland Code of Practice for Underwriting Mortgage Protection Insurance for Cancer Survivors (the Code). The Code aims to ensure fair treatment regarding access and affordability of Mortgage Protection life cover for...

The Financial Impact of Cancer

The Financial Impact of Cancer

The Financial Impact of Cancer Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult things that can happen in anyone’s life. It manages to find its way into almost every aspect of your world and disrupts family life as you know it. The main priority in this...