Today I wanted to share details about us! Who we are and how we work. Have a read.

We are a family run business headed by me Anthony. I have 23 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry. I have two boys one age 10 who you might hear shouting at me to come play football and one aged 5 who you’ll hear shouting at me to give him tickles.

Does being a small company mean we can’t compete with the big boys? No way-in fact I think it improves us.
We have all the same products that bigger companies have; we deal with all 5 Life Insurance companies in Ireland plus being small we don’t have the huge cost base others have so we pass that saving onto you our customer.
It also gives us an advantage that you deal with only one person so you aren’t passed from one person to another person to another person. It starts and ends with me.

While mostly online we deal with Mortgage Protection and Family Life Cover we are a fully independent brokerage so we also deal with Pension, Investments & Saving Policies.

Not sure what your financial goals are and how to get them? Why not book a 30 min Zoom call and we can go through them together!

Got questions? Give us a call I’m from Donegal I love to talk! 01 6853818