Material Facts Notice:

You are legally obliged to inform us of all relevant information (material facts) in the application process.

Material Facts are those, which an insurer would regard as likely to influence the assessment and acceptance of a proposal for insurance. If you are in doubt as to whether certain facts are material, such facts are material, such facts should be disclosed.

If you proceed with this application, the resulting policy will e based on the information provided:

  • In this application
  • In any other form related to your application
  • In any notice by you of changes required in advance of the policy start date
  • In any questionnaire completed by you or by your medical examiner and signed by you.

The policy may be void (there will be no cover under the policy)

  • If you do not inform us of all material facts
  • If any of the information you provide is not true and complete or
  • If you do not inform us of any changes in your medical and/or other information required in before the policy commences.

The insurance company may not necessarily contact your doctor(s). Even if we do, you must still disclose all material facts. We may ask you to have a medical examination with your own doctor or an independent doctor if this is required the insurance company will notify you in writing.

Material Facts Exemption in Relation to Genetic Tests

You are not required to disclose any genetic tests you may have had and we the insurance company will not have regard to any genetic tests which may come into our possession. You are however required to provide the insurance company with full details (other than genetic tests) in answer to all the health and lifestyle questions including full medical details about your family history.

All information provided is kept in the strictest confidence.