Multi-Claim Protection Cover


What is Multi Claim Protection Cover?


Moving away from paying out a lump sum on a diagnosis of an illness based on a rigid list of conditions and definitions, Multi‑Claim Protection Cover pays claims based on the impact caused by a medical condition or treatment, and how severe that impact is.


What’s different about Multi-Claim Protection Cover?


  • A multi-claim policy designed to give you financial support in line with the potential impact caused by a medical condition or treatment.
  • Broad cover for a range of conditions with the potential for multiple claims.
  • Claims are paid for medical conditions such as MS, medical treatments such as chemotherapy as well as for the inability to perform certain day-to-day tasks without help.
  • It’s designed to be easier to understand when you may need to claim. For instance, if you are referred for chemotherapy, you can make a claim. It doesn’t matter what their specific cancer diagnosis is.
  • It’s an unfortunate fact that people who have had cancer are at a higher risk of getting a second cancer. Similarly, people who have had a stroke have a higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer. Multi-Claim Protection Cover has been designed with this in mind, which is why cover continues after a claim.


Sample Benefits Covered:

Here is an example of how it works:

10 Reasons to have A Multi Claim Policy.

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