50% of The First Year Premium Back in Cash on All Protection Policies!

How it Works

If we can save you €15 per month on a policy with a term of 20 Years this will amount to a saving of €3,600 over the term of the policy.

If that saving is €25 per month, yes, that’s right, you will save €6,000 over the same term. 

In most cases we are saving our customers much more.

Option A: You will also get 50% of the year 1 premium back in cash! So, where your monthly premium is, say, €60 per month …… that’s €360 Cash-Back, where it’s €100 per month that’s €600 Cash-Back! …You get where we are going with this! You also have the option to have it refunded monthly starting in month 3.

You also have a second option!

Choose option B: for no cash back but a lower monthly price for the full term!


Have your application filled in, signed and back to us with 48 hours and we will give you *€50 cold, hard cash on either option!

What Next?

Simply run a quote HERE enter your details and get an instant quote. 

Of course, if you prefer you can drop us an email and we would be delighted to assist – info@lowcostlifecover.ie or Call us on 01 6853818

*Terms & Conditions: This offer applies to policies with a minimum term of 10 years only. The 50% rebate is paid by monthly bank transfer. 

Your policy must be kept in force for a minimum of 2 years otherwise you may have to pay a fee. If you do need to change your policy and we complete the change on your behalf no fee is payable.

€50 cash back is applicable to policies over €30 per month in premium. Policies under €30 per month will be entered into a monthly draw for a €50 one for all voucher. Applications must be filled in and signed within 48 hours to be eligible.

 That’s it. No other terms and conditions apply. Not so bad ehh?

Excellent fast service. Anthony is a pleasure to deal with and answered all my queries promptly. highly recommend

Lisa Sheridan