During your free consultation with Anthony, we’ll have a chat about where you’re at in life. One area that may be discussed is how financially protected you and your family are. We can provide advice on a number of life insurance options from all 5 Life Insurance companies depending on your needs.

Here are a few questions you might like to ask during your call.

What are the different reasons people take out life insurance?
What should I be considering right now?
What amount of life cover do I need?
I have cover in work – do I need extra cover?
What affects me getting cover?
Does it matter if I am married or not?
How much is life insurance?
Can I have a plan that pays me if I am out of work sick?
I have to get life insurance and mortgage protection for the bank, what’s the difference?

Questions to dig a little deeper

Can I have more than one type of life insurance?
Can I get cover for my children?
What is the difference between living benefits and death benefits?
I’ve a pre-existing condition, can I still get cover?
Will a claims history affect my life insurance?
Do I get money back if I don’t make a claim?

To get started, you can get a quote here and request a call back or give us a call on 016853818